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For Virgo or Virgo rising, this month is focused on your 10th house of career, authority, public life, and critical acclaim.


Your energies are gathered in your house of professional ambition, career, and public domain. You will be in the public eye, and will be busy, either hobnobbing with the higher ups, receiving recognition for the work that you have done, dealing with authority, or moving up to a new position.


The Full Moon occurs on June 9 at 18° Sagittarius in your 4th house. You will have spent the last two weeks on your public life, your career, or your ambitions. A matter that is connected to your home will also reach fruition, will end, or will have your full attention.
The New Moon occurs on June 24 at 2° Cancer in your 11th house. You will turn your attention to your personal ambitions and social life, after going through the cycle of taking care of business and home. You will have the opportunity to meet new people if you get yourself out there and socialize.


You’re passionate about your life ambitions, adding a creative spark to it, and finding new sources of income. Until June 18, you’ll be planning, discussing, and putting into place new plans of action. With Mars entering your 11th house at the beginning of the month, you’ll find that collaborating with others will prove quite helpful to advance some of your ideas.


Saturn is retrograding back in your 4th house and you will end the second half of the year going over old ground and lessons. If you’ve learned your lessons regarding matters that pertain to your home, your foundation, and your family, you won’t notice or feel Saturn’s last ditch effort before it leaves this sector in December.


You will find that transformation is taking place in your ability to find ways to enjoy your life. Connecting to your inner child will bring new life to activities you might have left behind in your childhood. You’ll also be reaching out to your children or dealing with the new landscape of your relationship with them.


You’ll be meeting with others, collaborating ideas, and thinking of ways to help others. You might also find that a close friend will be reaching out to you for help or guidance. Your role in the lives of your friends is important and you might just get some messages that let you know that.


Your inspiration will come from your close relationships or partnerships. It’s possible that you’ll hear from a friend, most likely a female friend, who lives at a distance. This friend will be instrumental in bringing in new business (from afar), in helping you with the direction of your career, in finding a new source of income or material success, or in bringing to fruition the expression of your soul’s desires.


You will feel your most complete self this month when focusing on your career ambitions and working together with others to find what best suits your needs. This direction will lead you to a greater awareness of the path on which you should be.


Your overall capacity to enjoy life and your life force will come from the life you reach out to beyond your home. There are many aspects it will touch upon this month including your career, your groups or associations, your friends, your ability to find new sources of income, connecting to your inner child, and dealing with people who are based at a distance. It is possible that you will find the direction you have been searching for to lead you where you want and need. The month will end on a high social note and you’ll be getting together to socialize with friends or groups that follow a similar cause.

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