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For Taurus or Taurus rising, this month is focused on your 2nd house of material security, income, values, possessions, self-esteem, and self-confidence.


Your energy is focused on bringing on more income, and it’s possible that you’ll find a positive influx of money coming in. This will build your confidence though a square point to your 11th and 5th house, as well as an opposition will create a bit of tension for you. With Mars in this same house, it is likely that you are also having to spend a little more than you wish on necessities. For example, you may want to go out with your friends, but it will mean spending a little more on entertainment than you wish.


The Full Moon occurs on June 9 at 18° Sagittarius in your 8th house. Since the last new moon you’ve been focused on your income, material security, and possessions, now you are focused on joint matters; the things you share with someone else.
The New Moon occurs on June 24 at 2° Cancer in your 3rd house. If you need to market yourself, get business cards done, make some phone calls, this is the time to begin doing so. Don’t forget to get your clients’ email addresses so that you can reach out to them. Remember when you ask them for their email, it is your way of keeping in touch either through a newsletter or reminder emails for their next appointment.


Mars in your 2nd house makes you a little more aggressive in your search for more income, a more secure foundation, and in your attitude toward your partners. Be careful not to be too forward, blunt, or aggressive toward them. On the other hand, Mars is also the helper so you might find that you’re helping them or willing to help them. Careful on the spending as Mars also likes to magnify anything it touches and here it’s your love of ‘things’.


You’ll find that the master of discipline, restriction, and structure in your house of joint matters will cast his watchful eye on you right when you feel the excitement of spending or buying something you really want. You’ll feel this for most of the month, then during the third week, these restrictions will lift and give you some breathing room.


You will feel the need to find your own unique way of expressing yourself. You will also want to withdraw and go within yourself, to listen to your own inner voice. This will be the key to finding and building on your self-esteem.


Be careful of the friends with whom you choose to surround yourself. Find the ones who resonate well with you. With Neptune in your 11th, it’s possible that you might not see them for who they really are. On the other hand, it’s possible that new contacts will be beneficial to the expansion of your work environment.


Finding a worth cause or group to associate with will be important to you while Neptune is here until 2026. Yes, it will seem like a long time, but this is the time and area of your life when you will build upon or find your inspiration. For you it’s through friendships and associations, so make sure you find friends or groups that resonate for you and whom have your best interest at heart. This month there are many aspects that touch your sense of values, your creativity or the way you enjoy your life, your work environment, and your core values.


This month, you will feel a sense of your own true value through the way you feel about your core values, your sense of responsibility toward your partner and the things you share or will share, and your work environment. This is important to the role you play in other people’s lives, and the ones they play in yours.


Your own sense of material security, finding ways to increase your income, planning a more secure future, looking into the opportunities that present themselves in your work environment and for your wellbeing, being of service to others, and a more serious attitude toward your partners.
Around June 21, you will find that the relationship to your friends, social contacts, neighbourhood or community, will come easily. There will be a little tension coming from your work environment, but it may be that you’re trying to find a way to fit everything in, and there is also a learning curve.
You will end the month finding ways to communicate better, connecting with, and finding ways to reach out to those in your community. You will be dealing with extended family as well, which does not include your parents.

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