For Scorpio or Scorpio rising, this month is focused on your 8th house of contracts, investments, debts, loans, etc., joint matters, and physical intimacy.


There is a lot planetary activity this month with both easy aspects and challenges to deal with. The month starts off with a bit of tension in the areas of communication and emotions going on in your subconscious. Also, in your area of joint matters and romance or children. If you’re looking at your debt, loans, or investments, you’ll be making plans and thinking of what you should be doing either to pay your debts or to get that loan.


The Full Moon occurs on June 9 at 18° Sagittarius in your 2nd house. If you’ve been dealing with joint matters, they will reach fruition or will culminate at this time. You’re now focused on what makes you comfortable, the things you value, and taking care of your own needs. You can still pay attention to the needs of others, but don’t forget about what you need. With Saturn retrograding, you might be feeling the pinch a little. However, you’re serious about getting your financial situation under control.

The New Moon occurs on June 24 at 2° Cancer in your 9th house. New activity will begin in your area that deals with foreign shores or outer boundaries of your life, education, career vocation, legal issues, and your faith or core values. With Mars here as well, you’ll be busy.


The 9th house is about where you get your inspiration and dealing with truths. Your core values come into focus and you are in the process of unifying, blending and streamlining certain aspects of your life. If you’ve recently moved to a different level in your relationship, it’s possible these aspects will come up to help you merge with another.


You’re building your foundation, looking to the future, planning your investments, thinking about what you really want deep inside, and this is where your discipline will come in handy. You are naturally determined and if you can focus on what you desire, you will be able to manifest your dreams. But, you must be clear about what you want and this could be causing some tension (though sometimes tension is good because it forces you to make a decision) for you as to which direction you should be going.


You’re gaining strength in the way you communicate your thoughts and spread your message. You are transforming your voice and the way in which you come across to others. The one thing to watch out for is to keep the lines of communications open to your own inner voice and not to shut yourself down if and when you’re feeling vulnerable. With positive rays beaming from your partnership and love area, you’ll get all the help you need to get over that feeling of vulnerability. You’ll grow as a result of the knowledge you receive.


Working with others, making sound plans with your investments and joint matters, and being your own unique self is where you will feel good within your interaction with others, with your partners, whether love or business, and thinking of interesting and incomparable ways in which to be of service to others is where you’ll shine and possibly find a new source of income doing this.


You couldn’t have a better placement than Neptune in 5th for that dreamy sensation and inspiration. This month, it will send positive rays of sunshine (and ease) to communications with others (as well as receiving them from others), to your loving partnership, and to your faith and core values. Your inner child will be communing with your inner voice which is excellent for any creative ideas or projects you either have on the go or are trying to get off the ground.


Your sense of self will come from the role you play in the lives of your extended family, your love partner, your work or daily environment, and to your inner self. Staying true to yourself is where you’ll advance to exactly where you need to be. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Learning to express yourself is where you will feel most at home and it will bring you a sense of balance.


Finding a balance between focusing on yourself and others at the same time will cause some tension within yourself, most likely more on a subconscious level. Make to take some ‘me’ time in the bustle of activity that is this month. Neptune and Venus are busy sending rays of sunshine and help to all parts of your charts, only hitting teeny snag (that won’t last long) around June 8 where you might be a little confused about which way to go with your finances. Where Jupiter was stalling at the beginning of the month, now it is helping you to consider what you really want. Toward the end of the month, Jupiter will again be forcing you to think about what you want deep inside, but Neptune will help you to hone in on your inspiration and intuition until the end of the month.

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