For Sagittarius or Sagittarius rising, this month is focused on your 7th house of partnerships, love relationships, working together with others, contracts, and keeping the balance.


Your energy is focused on your love relationships and close friends. The month starts of with a bit of tension it is causing at home and at work. But, there is a nice grand trine taking place between your ability to bring in more income, your ideas at work, and the way you feel about your career. As the Sun transits this area, it seems tension at home will be evident until around June 18, when it will finally dissipate.


The Full Moon occurs on June 9 at 18° Sagittarius in your 1st house. Whereas the last two weeks you were focused on others, you will now be more focused on yourself again. Yes, it may cause some tension from the people around you, but this is your time, so don’t forget to take some of that ‘me’ time. You’ve been dealing with a lot of hard lessons, and with Saturn close by, you might get a few reminders of these lessons. But, if you’ve been learning and taking heed of the messages that have been coming to you, these reminders will be slight. You will experience a culmination or something will reach fruition at this time.
The New Moon occurs on June 23-24 at 2° Cancer in your 8th house. You will probably begin some new ventures that involve working with others, put some investments away, pay away some debts, or get a loan for a new project or that home you’ve been wanting. There is a lot of activity in your 8th house with Mars and Mercury nearby. Are you moving in with someone? Are you going into business with a partner?


You might find that you’re a lot friskier this month, more so than usual. Your partner will probably feel it if you’re in a relationship. In any case, even if you’re not in a relationship, your physical and sexual energy will be noticeable to others. Joint matters and ventures will be the order of the month.


Discipline has been a hard measure for you with Saturn in your 1st house. He is the taskmaster and the disciplinarian. If you’ve been irresponsible, Saturn has made sure to deal you the lessons necessary to straighten your back during its stay here. With Saturn in retrograde motion, it means that he is going over old ground (the last three years) to make sure that everything has been covered. It will remain in this sector until the transit is over in December 2017. Only half a year left to deal with his harsh temperament. If he (and I call Saturn a ‘he’) finds that you’ve learned your lessons, he will leave you alone. That’s the trick.


Power can come in many ways, yours comes from the way you earn your income, the things you value, and how you manifest that which you desire and turn it into something tangible. If you feel you aren’t measuring up to that, it can make you feel vulnerable and weak. Since Pluto has been transiting your 2nd house of material success and earning power, you have been slowly making sure to get your ducks in a row. It doesn’t happen quickly with Pluto but at times you are able to get a glimpse of where these changes are occurring and how.


Jupiter in your 11th house of friendships, associations, and personal ambitions, has been helping you by bringing the people you need to have around you. Through most of the month, however, you’ll find that it is throwing a spanner into your financial spokes perhaps because your friends’ activities are causing you to dig deeper into your pockets. You’ll get help from someone at home or in the family, as well as someone you work with.


Home is where the heart is, however, with Neptune in this sector, it can sometimes make you wonder. Though your foundation is being built through inspiration and intuition, it’s possible that there are times when you could be looking out through rose-coloured glasses. Unfortunately, with Neptune, there is also a tendency of having to deal with addictions, dependencies, or negative habits. In your 4th house, this can be something that runs ‘in the family’. This can make matters confusing, so if you can get yourself away from this sort of behaviour, the better it is for you.


Your sense of self, your true self, will come from activity in your areas of friendships, home, close relationships and love matters, and in your daily routine. It’s possible that you will meet someone (most likely a female in your work environment or at the gym) who will be extremely helpful in putting you on a positive path, either with your daily routine or regarding your physical health. It may be an unusual connection, but it is quite positive that I see good things coming from this. You will feel much better about yourself as a result.


It’s a good month with activity taking place in every area of your chart, most are easy-going and helpful, some will cause a bit of tension. Tension is not always bad as it usually forces you to look at the situation and make changes to it to get rid of the tension. It’s akin to being backed into a corner and finding a way out of that corner. Positive rays will come from setting up or building (or rebuilding) your foundation at the root cause and ‘at home’. A co-worker or someone you come into contact during your day-to-day routine will surprise you by helping you in a most unusual manner. It’s all positive so take the advice and help as such. It might just be the thing that gets you on the path on which you should be. Get ready for a busy month!

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