For Libra or Libra rising, this month is focused on your 9th house of higher learning, core values, faith, and distance or foreign shores.


You’re thinking of building on your experience to change the direction of your career. You’re feeling like travelling or reaching out to the world beyond your immediate boundaries. This is the year when Jupiter is spending time in your house of self, appearance, wants and needs. This is the year to go after that which you wish to have in your life, and if you’re clear about those desires, Jupiter will help you manifest by sending opportunities.


The Full Moon occurs on June 9 at 18° Sagittarius in your 3rd house. A writing assignment or project will culminate or come to fruition at this time. You want your message to make a difference. People are receiving your thoughts and ideas and taking them seriously. You may take something someone says to you to heart.
The New Moon occurs on June 24 at 2° Cancer in your 10th house. If you have any life ambitions, now is the time to focus on where you’d like to go and what you’d like to be doing. Authority figures or higher ups will be noticing what you’re doing. It’s a good time to begin new activity in your career sector, or present an idea to the boss.


It’s possible that you’ve been pushing the idea of moving, taking a course, or venturing out a little farther out than your comfort zone during this past month. You’ve been researching and uncovering a new path or direction, and when Mars transits into your 10th house on June 4, you’ll be ready to put some of those plans into action.


You’ve been very disciplined with your method of communicating, serious about your message, and probably have been sounding much more serious than usual. Until the end of the year, Saturn will be going over old ground and if you’ve taken its lessons seriously, you’ll be a step ahead and will not have to redo or face the same challenges as you have during that past two to three years.


Your home is your castle, and your home is wherever your heart is. Transformation in the structure of your home and family have been taking place, though you might not always ‘see’ this happening except when a planet transits your 4th house or aspects Pluto. This month there are a few aspects, most of them easy, with the exception of the hard ray from Jupiter in your 1st house. If you put your foot down at home, you’ll be able to expand on those opportunities to present yourself or to transform yourself. Don’t let family or the power struggles within the family dynamic stop you.


The top of your chart is highlighted this month which usually means that activity on the outside of your home is activated. You will be dealing with the public, collaborating with others, dealing with authority or higher ups, and possibly signing a few contracts. You might be able to have that loan approved, or put your finances/investments to work for you. Working together with you (or a) partner will be fruitful.


You’re imagining a better way to spend your day, whether its your work environment, the type of service you bring to others, your new exercise routine, or how to make your daily routine fit all your needs: your desires, your career, and your home.


During this period, you feel at your best when in contact with others, forging ahead with your career, changing its direction or adding to it, and joining forces with others. Your role at work is important and now’s the time to step up and show what you’re made of as well as the kind of leadership you offer.


The two main areas that you will see highlighted this month are the top of your chart with core values, legal dealings, or higher education, as well as your career, career direction, and life ambitions. The other sector of your life that will be affected is your Self with rays pointed toward home and career, your home and its foundation, the family dynamic, as well as your daily routine and work environment. All of these will be shaken, changed, moved, and transformed causing a ripple throughout the many areas of your life. Your energy is up and you will be able to deal with all of it!

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