For Leo or Leo rising, this month is focused on your 11th house of social contacts, friendship, working together with others, and personal ambitions. You’d better get your socializing done this month as you will gear down in the last week, wanting to withdraw from the crowd when you’ll begin your review of the previous year.


Your energy is high, you’re happy to be working with others, getting things done. Your action planets are high in the sky, in your sectors of journeys, career or public, and social life. Your personal ambitions (those that aren’t connected to your career) will also take centre field.


The Full Moon occurs on June 9 at 18° Sagittarius in your 5th house. With the full moon in your house of fun and pleasure, it is likely that you’ll be looking for your friends to join in the fun. You’ll enjoy group activities, social outings, or just hanging out with your friends. It’s possible that you’ll encounter some friction at the beginning of the month in this area in connection to your love life. Are you spending more time with friends than on your romantic life.
The New Moon occurs on June 24 at 2° Cancer in your 12th house. As mentioned in the introduction, you’ll begin a two-week period where you will withdraw from the crowd to focus on your inner life and to review the previous year. If you need counselling, this is a good time to start this sort of self-exploration.


You are passionate about finding your path, working on your contacts, and setting up a viable work environment. You’ll find that you are empathetic to others and will want to help if you can. You’ll put your own concerns to the side during this influence. The 12th house is about your service back to humanity and your way of giving back.


You’ve become more responsible or serious about how you enjoy your life. This month you’ll find that you’re reaching out to others, by way of emails, phone calls, and face-to-face visits. Working with others, collaborating, and coming up with ideas to further a specific cause is on your agenda this month.


You have the charm to get what you need from authority figures or the higher ups this month. Your energy is focused on working together with others, your ideas are flowing and you’ll have some good brainstorming sessions, and your team is behind you helping you to achieve the changes and transformations you’ll looking to set up in your work environment. On June 12 and 17, you might find that you hit a snag in your communications or will hear something from left field that causes some tension.


If you’ve been looking to change the direction of our career, it is possible that you hear something surprising during the course of this month. In discussions with others, such as friends or associates, you will learn of something that might throw a bit of a spanner in your spokes, so to speak, but it isn’t anything you can’t fix. Authority figures will be willing to help or show you the way. Be cautious of how much you say or divulge.


You’ve been quite intuitive about where you should invest your money, time, and energy. By the time you reach the end of the month, Neptune will be sending beams to all parts of your chart: career, your communications or writing projects, your work environment, and even to your unconscious dreams, Listen to your inner voice and follow those hunches. Something good will come from all this positive energy.


The role you play in other people’s lives and where you feel your most complete takes place in the houses where much planetary activity is taking place this month. If you are true to yourself then these influences will take you to where you want to go and be. You like dealing with others, as well as helping others. This month you get to show off some of those skills with your planets highlighting the sectors of your public life. Take advantage of these influences.


Your vitality is high this month, you’re out in the public eye, authority figures are watching you, you’ve got some positive rays coming from your joint ventures and collaborative efforts. Be watchful of your communications as you move through the month and toward the end of the month, when Jupiter gets into a bit of bind in your bid to be of service to others. Sometimes being too helpful can backfire. But, other than those odd moments of miscommunication, you’ll find that your world is abuzz with action, ideas, moving forward, connecting with others, and having some fun social activities with friends and associates.

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