Happy Birthday, Gemini!

For Gemini or Gemini rising, this month is focused on your 1st house of Self, self-awareness, your appearance, wants, and needs. You will turn your attention to yourself and so will others. During our birthday month, it’s all about you!


Your energy is amped this month, and you’ll be focused on the things that you want in your life for this following year. If you’ve been focused on other parts of your life, you will find that you’re able to concentrate on yourself during this window of opportunity. As the Sun moves through the first house, it will also touch upon various areas of your life and how they affect you personally. The end of the month will find you thinking about your material possessions, earnings, the things you value most, and your attitude toward partners.


The Full Moon occurs on June 9 at 18° Sagittarius in your 7th house. Where you began activities that involved you, now you’re reaching fruition and it’s possible that you’ll find that contract, partnership, or company you’re looking for. Also, it’s possible that those activities will end around this time.
The New Moon occurs on June 24 at 2° Cancer in your 2nd house. The new moon in the 2nd house marks a time when you will be bringing in a new source of income or discussing this. Your material security will be important to you.


Mars in your 2nd house will give you the energy and confidence to go out and look/find this new source of income. The only caveat is that when Mars is in this area, it could see you spending a little more as well. You’re also thinking plenty about your close loving partnerships, your bonds, and joint matters between you.


You’re much more serious about your alliances, your contracts with others, and your partnerships. If you form an alliance, sign a contract, or find a job, it will be in place for a long time. It’s a time for maturing, for serious contemplation, and decisions. Saturn is in retrograde until December 2017 so you will find it is going back over anything you might have missed while it was teaching you its lessons in this area of partnership, alliances, and love.


Your power comes from your commitments and joint matters. Those who are partnered will find that you are in a much more powerful place than previously. This is not always noticeable because Pluto moves slowly through each house, but whenever there are transits, you get a peak as to where your strength and power are evolving. At the end of the month, there will be a bit of tension between your material expenditures and joint matters, but your work, career, or authority figures should be helpful in resolving this issue.


There have been many changes in your social sector. It is possible that you’ll find your list of friends has changed over the past 7 years. You probably found yourself asserting your independence a lot more and have learned not to depend on your friends or acquaintances as much. There may have been a few blowouts as well.
If you have creative projects (or children), you will experience some challenges beginning midmonth when Jupiter will send some tense rays to your income/investments/debts/loans axis. Neptune in 10th will remain a source of positive influence during this time, finding you the help or the solutions to your issues.


Neptune in the 10th is expanding its energies to all areas of your chart this month, touching upon your inner world (self-confidence), material success, creativity or projects (and children if you have them), as well as giving you a boost in the area of investments, debts, loans, and collaborative matters. You’ll also find that someone in your social circle will help you or suggest an idea that is lucrative and helps you find a new job or source of income.


Your relationship to others is important to the role you play in other people’s lives. An authority figure will be helpful this month to help you find the role with which you feel most comfortable. Whether it’s a position you’d like to have, the way you exert your authority over others, or your reaction to the way others exert their authority over you. You will have help in this area during June.


Your birthday month will be filled with activity coming from your 11th house of friends, your career sector, as well as from your area of partnership. You’ll be able to focus on what you want, where you want to be, and with whom you want to be. Your inner dreams, career, and partnerships are important to you and the focus is on all these things this month.
It will feel as though things are coming at you from all parts of your life and you’ll be kept busy. Gemini likes to be busy and ‘doing’ and you will have the opportunity to advance in different areas of your life. It will feel like its happening all at once, but you’re feeling up to it, and can handle anything that comes up.
Happy Birthday, Gemini! Enjoy your birthday month and all the opportunities that come your way.

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