For Capricorn or Capricorn rising, this month is focused on your 6th house of your physical health and environment, daily routine, work routine and environment, your work assignments, and the way in which you are of service to others.


Your energy is focused on your physical health and what you can do to keep a healthier lifestyle. The month starts off with a harsh aspect from the Sun to the Moon and Neptune. Confusion, both conscious and emotional, will create a situation where you will have some explaining to do. Your physical health or attention will come into play. Another scenario will be that an event occurs in your work environment that will throw a spanner into your routine.


The Full Moon occurs on June 9 at 18° Sagittarius in your 12th house. The last two weeks were fully concentrated on your physical health, your work environment, and your service to others whereas now you are focused on your inner mental health and wellbeing, listening to your inner child, and spending some time working on yourself. This is also the house of addictions and self-undoing, so it’s possible that you may have a breakthrough or revelation concerning these challenges, if any.
The New Moon occurs on June 24 at 2° Cancer in your 7th house. You will want to begin any kind of activity or pay attention to matters involving partners, close friends or alliances, marriages, or contracts during this period. Though you will be dealing with some harsh aspects from Jupiter coming from your house of career and fame. Your public life will be affected by something you do or say, or your career will experience some changes concerning contracts or alliances. For example, you might go into a partnership with someone, or get married and this will change the dynamic of your public life.


You’re passionate about someone or about a new contract you are forging with another person or company. Around June 17-18, something you say or communicate out to the world will affect you, your career, your relationships and creativity/projects/children in a positive way.


With Saturn touring your 12th house, discipline will seem to become second nature, the kind of discipline that comes from self-sacrifice. But, Saturn can manifest in the avoidance of taking responsibility or accepting life’s issues. You must be aware of this influence and while Saturn is retrograding, it will go over some old ground that might feel painful if reminded of them again, especially if you have not worked on these issues. It is also possible that you might go the opposite route and take on too much responsibility, bearing the weight of the world on your shoulders.


Pluto is in your 1st house, and around June 17-18, you’ll experience some tension during that square emanating from your 1st house to your career and home—your public and private life. It’s possible that the transformation you are undergoing to your personality and/or appearance will not be congruent with the events taking place in your career and home life. There will be a power play in these areas of your life.


You’ll be communicating more with your co-workers, or the people involved in your work environment such as clients and suppliers. By month’s end, you’ll turn your attention to your relationships, marriage, and alliances. You may find yourself signing a contract with the Sun and Mercury sending beams to Neptune in your 3rd house, but make sure you read the fine print before you sign.


Neptune is in your 3rd house lending a smidgen of intuition and inspiration to anything you write, say or in the message you are spreading. Be clear with what you say because Neptune can make anything sound quite vague, and will confuse others. This will touch your career and your contracts with others. Choose your words carefully.


At the beginning of the month, you’ll find that if you speak from your core self, you will remain true to your word and your thought. After the square of June 17-18, you’ll find that things let up and challenges will ease up concerning your communications, your home or private life, and your children, creativity, or projects.


There is almost a complete square in the sky around June 17-18 with the Moon in your 4th house of home, so its possible that you will have to deal with some challenges to the areas of your life that deal with self, career, and partnerships.
However, from June 19 to the end of the month, you’ll feel as though the tensions and the challenges of the first half of the month never happened. The month will end on a higher note than you will have experienced during the middle portion of it. It’s a month ruled by Gemini—mercurial, chatty, mindful, and quick thinking. Things move quickly when Mercury is involved.
Try to enjoy this month for what it brings, keep your head low when the challenges and tensions rear their heads, and you’ll come out on top at the end of the month.

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