For Cancer or Cancer rising, this month is focused on your 12th house of your inner life, your subconscious, your dreams, your inner source of creativity, of releasing and letting go, and self-sacrifice.


Energies are drawn toward your inner life and dreams, as well as your subconscious, as you go through the last month before your birthday month. It’s hardly believable that a year has already gone by and you’re again looking back at your year to see what worked and what didn’t. It’s a busy month as far as aspects go and you’ll find yourself busy while you’re looking back. In any case, even if you connect with others, you’d rather be hanging back and spending some quiet time to reflect.


The Full Moon occurs on June 9 at 18° Sagittarius in your 6th house. This full moon takes place in your house of your service to others, your physical health, and work environment. An activity that you began last month, an idea you received while listening to your gut feeling or inner voice is now reaching fruition or culminating. Saturn was just about to leave this sector when it began retrograding back into it, going over anything you might have overlooked while learning its lessons in discipline, structure, and restrictive energies.
The New Moon occurs on June 24 at 2° Cancer in your 1st house. This will be a double-whammy dose of manifesting energies with the Sun, Mercury, and Mars sidling up to the Moon in the house that is all about you. Yes, the birthday month starts on June 21, even if your birthday is in July. For those who have Cancer rising sign or the Moon in Cancer, you’ll feel this extra strong influence. If you have any secret wishes, this is the time to envision that which you wish to appear in your life. It is also a great time to begin any new kind of activity that you wish to see grow and manifest.


Mars will spend most of its time in your 12th house. This placement usually speaks of the energy to help others during this time. The 12th house is the house of humanity, and Mars is the energy you have to give to it. So, you might find yourself wanting to volunteer and help in some community activities, with seniors, or any kind of activity that helps to promote wellbeing in others.
By the end of the month, that focus will turn to your, your career ambitions, and your relationships.


As mentioned above, you’ve been learning the lessons of discipline and structure in your 6th house of service, physical health, daily routine, and your work environment. If you began a routine that involved your physical health, you’ll find that it was one that was going to stick. You might have tried plenty of different ones in the past, but this one seems to work best for you.
Your work environment might have felt a little stymied during the past three years, but it has helped you to build a solid foundation for your career or business.


Power comes from working together with others, forging a partnership or relationship and taking it to that next level. Your career and the changes you’ve gone through have also been to your advantage and with Jupiter in your home, you’ve been able to expand in this area as well.
You will experience a bit of tension coming from this area where Jupiter is usually about expanding, enlarging, and receiving more (as in space, or abundance). This month, activity at home will cause tension to your inner wishes or needs and to your partnerships. Help will come from or through a friend, even if it’s just to lend you an ear to listen while you complain. They will help you to find a solution.


You will resonate with activity taking place in your career or work as well as anything that deals with your own wants and needs. If you tend to focus on others and not yourself at times, you’ll find you are able to concentrate on you during this time.
Most of the activity that will fall in your favour will happen at the top of your chart. So look for opportunities, help, and time that comes from the realm of others. You can depend on others this month to help you to advance in the areas of your life that deal with your outer world.


Dreams of journeys and inspiration that comes from distant lands or foreign places will feature this month. You will be dealing with people from foreign lands during this month and this connection will be beneficial to you.
Delve into your subconscious, listen to your inner voice, and search your repressed memories for any dreams you might have shelved. It’s a good time to talk to a professional to help you uncover some of your latent talents or dreams.


Your role and the role of others in your life will be significant especially when it comes to your outer life, the one where you extend your feelers out and connect with others. Working together in groups or with a partner will be beneficial. You will be doing all this while sitting back and reflecting on your past year.


Usually your vitality is a little lower during this time of year because you’re winding down your natural year, from birthday to birthday. You might feel like withdrawing and spending alone time to reflect, and you might even get a chance to, but it will be a busy month where you connect and work together with others. These connections are important so take advantage of these influences and encounters, and also take time to sit back and review your year.
The end of the month will bring a bit tension to your home front, but there is also a ray of sunshine coming from your 9th house of core values, foreign or distant lands, and a new direction if you’ve been contemplating a career change or path.

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