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Embracing Neptune

by intuitivelink

Neptune is that one, itsy, bitsy, planet in the zodiac that makes me nervous. It's like that one member in your family who makes you uncomfortable just thinking about her (or him) and you know that she's coming over for a visit. She's going to be at that next family gathering and you're going to have to interact with her. You don't know what or how you're going to avoid saying anything just so you don't have to have a conversation with her. (I don't really have anyone like that in my family, but I can imagine that if I did, that's exactly how it would feel.)

And, this is the same feeling that I get when I think of Neptune anywhere near my life, near an event, near anything that means something to me. And, yet, I know that I must embrace every single part of Neptune that exists within me because it will make me complete.

What does Neptune stand for?
Neptune represents the qualities of the indistinct, the dreamer, uncertainty, addictions, the hidden parts of one's self, the things we sacrifice or surrender, our fears and our greatest downfalls. It is the part of us that hooks into the darker realms, that murkiness that envelops us at times and pulls us further in because it likes to swim in that cesspool of emotions.

What are my weaknesses?
In my chart, Neptune is in Scorpio in my 3rd house of communication, conscious decisions & mental processes, siblings, extended family, immediate surroundings, short trips, writing, and early learning. It sits next to my Sun and Mercury. It's like a little huddle in my 3rd house. Yeah, I love this the way I love that nagging worrying spot right in the back of my head.

So, what are my pitfalls?
I am incessantly and irreparably late, in fact I live by my own standard of time where time does not exist. I lose track of time. I can get lost in my own neighbourhood if I'm not paying attention. True.
I don't like that part of me and I'll remind myself of it, and then I'll step out the front door, get into my car, and it's like a switch goes off. In fact, I'm not even in the car. I'm anywhere else but in that car. I've already stepped into that other dimension that's not called my car. I've just sat down in my warp speed spaceship that's going to travel into the vast wide unknown of my mind. Scary, yes. And, somehow I manage to (unconsciously) get myself to the destination I need to get to.
Neptune is the part of me that makes the other parts of me feel uneasy because I don't seem to be able to control it. I wonder if others see this side of me when I'm not watching. Probably, when I'm stopped at a light and I'm staring up at the sky. I've seen people in the cars next to mine look up and wonder what I'm looking at (because there's nothing.)

Neptune also represents intuition, inspiration, imagination, inner strength, and creativity.

What are my strengths?
When I'm by myself, it's different. I love my Neptunian side because it's such an intrinsic part of who I am. Dreamer. Intuitive. creative. Inspired. Dreamer. Yes, I did repeat myself. It's the part of me that lives in my mind (a lot.) Sometimes I go to such depth that when someone interrupts my flow of thought, I feel as though I'm being shaken and forced back into the physical world. It's painful. It's similar to that rush you experience when you're falling through the abyss while coming out of sleep and you're jerked back to consciousness.

I also have my Sun and Mercury in my 3rd house of communication, writing, learning, the dissemination of information, and of communing with others. I was told (once) that my writing was too vague. That critique has stayed with me. It should not be my entire story, but I knew it was true because I hid behind my writing, wanting to tell people how I felt but not wanting to put myself in a vulnerable position.

With Mercury and Neptune in conjunction in my 3rd house, it speaks of the ability to write and being able to describe the deep emotional world that exists, around and between us. It also speaks of feeling misunderstood or of not grasping information clearly. It might point to not being able to read between the lines or of the uncanny ability to notice even the slightest of nuances in someone's voice or demeanour.

When I was 12, I was diagnosed with hearing loss. I was left with some nerve damage after a childhood illness. I can't hear very high notes, but I can hear bass music from a mile away. I can hear but the loss is just at the point where it's irritating if someone mumbles or turns their heads while talking to me, so I wear hearing aids. Out of habit, I tend to read lips, and I watch people's facial expressions with the intention of getting as much information as I can from my observations, especially if I can't hear everything they're saying.

I can also acutely sense what others are feeling without a word being said as though I am absorbing their energies just by being next to them. Knowing this makes me more aware of my surroundings and of the people who surround me.

This is Neptune playing its part in my life.

Why does Neptune influence us so deeply?
Neptune rules the oceans, the deepest fathomless depth of our emotions, our creative source, the shadow part of our minds, subconscious or unconscious behaviour, our hopes and fears, and that which we surrender to get what we desire.

What do I need to surrender to achieve what I desire?
I need to surrender my vulnerabilities. To stop worrying that people are going to take what I write or say the wrong way. To say what I have to say and hope that other people understand me. I need to speak my 'truth' without fear. I also need to experience and to be aware of what is right in front of me — to live in the 'now'. What do you need to surrender, to own up to, to give up, or to overcome in order to move toward your full potential?

Do you stop to ask yourself what it is that you truly desire?
Neptune is the part of our psyche where we must peel away the layers, the onion skins, to dig deeper to get to what we are really feeling and experiencing at the deeper levels of our soul. We must do this to get past the surface that we show to others. It is the discomfort we feel when we bare our souls. Neptune symbolizes what we must overcome in order to reach our full potential.

What's my deepest subconscious desire?
I want to rule the world (don't we all? — but that's another story and planet.) Okay, so let me start this again. What I really want is to be able to write, to write about the world that influences us and delve deeper into the mind and into the power we have within our minds. I want to reach as many people as possible and share what I observe, feel, and learn, and to help us (as well as, myself) reach the height of our true abilities through that knowledge.

(I also want great wealth and abundance to keep doing all of this. Who am I trying to kid? Neptune will try to skip around this one but luckily it's not the only planet that influences me.)

The route still feels a little "flou", as we say in French, a little word that describes exactly all these words — blurred, indistinct, vague. It's a good word though because it also means that the path will become clearer as I make my way up. It feels great to be on this path, even if I can only see a few steps ahead at a time because I can still look up into the night sky and try to decipher the clues the Universe sends to us.

What do you really, really, want and what scares you about what you desire?
What will you do with that knowledge, with that power you will own? If we learn to recognize where and when Neptune influences us, we are able to overcome our fears, our (dis)comfort levels, or downfalls by embracing its qualities and taking advantage of its strengths.

It will enrich your life and add a layer of completeness to it. You might even discover something about yourself that was previously hidden to you. Neptune is that wide ocean you need to cross but once you're on the other side, there's nothing to stop you. Needless to say, Knowledge is Power.

Where is Neptune in your chart? How can you use its strengths? If you know your weaknesses you can overcome them, face them head on, stare them down, and use them to your advantage.

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Live an extraordinary life every day!

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