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The illustration above is of a chart with diametric lines delineating the parts and the figures in the circle assigned to the houses.

The image shows how Earth is placed in the centre of the chart. If you imagine yourself (on Earth) looking out at the heavens, at the end of March and during the month of April, it will appear as though the Sun is in the constellation of Aries. As the Earth moves around the Sun, along with the days of the year, by the time you get to the end of April and May, it will appear as though the Sun is in the constellation of Taurus, and so on. The Sun moves counter clockwise through the chart wheel.

Astrology - The Chart

Introduction by intuitivelink

Everyone has read monthly horoscopes. But, not everyone knows how to read them.

You’ve probably heard about the position of the Sun and the planets, but how does this all look, and how do you make sense of any of it.

It’s incredibly easy to lose yourself in the technique of Astrology, so I’ll try to keep it simple. Each article will focus on one part of the chart.

Astrologers use different charts following mathematical summations of the planets’ positions to report on what they ‘see’. The hypotheses are derived from generations of documented studies. There is no perfect answer because events are unique and cannot be reproduced; however, a glimpse into the past serves as a starting point to establish an achievable outcome in the present and the future.

Are these coincidences? Possibly. However, World leaders have used Astrology as a means to come up with the best available strategies. Why? Aside getting tactical, didactic, and factual intelligence, this added information provided them the tool to make the most educated decision while they anticipated their outcome. History has evidenced that there were better dates (or planetary influences) than others to begin specific actions. It is a divination tool, no more and no less.

Please note that monthly charts are a general overview since an astrologer cannot see into everyone’s personal charts. Look at these articles as an elementary guide into understanding how monthly horoscopes work.

My next article will be about the 1st house.

Live an extraordinary life,

Note: You can buy a Natal Chart & Report from my Chart Shop or click the link at the top of the web page. I suggest starting with this chart if you wish to begin the quest to understanding yourself better. Your personal chart is specific to you, so get set to begin exploring your personal world!
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