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For Aquarius or Aquarius rising, this month is focused on your 5th house of romance, true love, creativity, children, and the ability to find ways to enjoy your life.


You will have a busy month with Mars transiting to your 6th house but with the Sun in your 5th, you will also be looking for ways to have fun. Mars toured this house all of last month giving you a taste of what it is like to enjoy yourself. The month starts off a month with plenty of aspects, both easy and tension-filled. Hold on to your hats while the planets help and square off against each other.


The Full Moon occurs on June 9 at 18° Sagittarius in your 11th house. A period of tying up loose ends will begin after having spent the last two weeks spending time with children, projects, and looking for love. You might experience an ending in your friendships or find that you’ve come to the end with a group association. They no longer serve a purpose in your life and you’re better off letting them go. With Saturn in this house, you have probably been going through a bit of house cleaning when it comes to friends, and you will have seen some of these associations come to an end.
The New Moon occurs on June 24 at 2° Cancer in your 6th house. It is a good time to begin activity in your work environment, like looking and finding new clients, rearranging and organizing your work area, or finding new ways to be of service to others. It’s also a good time to begin a new physical routine or exercise plan.


You’re passionate about the work you do. You take pride in the work that you do, and this month you’ll find that your plate is indeed full to the brim with lots of projects, clientele, and a long list of things to do suddenly crop up on your desk.


Saturn is in retrograde motion and going over old ground to make sure that what you’ve learned has stuck with you. If you’ve learned the lessons, this retrograde will be an easy trip to December 2017 when Saturn will finally leave this area and transit to your 12th house.
You might have found that your friends were dropping off the grid as you made your way through the past three years, for any number of reasons, such as moving, or withdrawing from the crowd, or becoming aware of your friends’ true intentions. It has not been easy but Saturn does what it does for a reason and that is to learn what you need in order to be able to step up to a new level of consciousness in your life.


Pluto is in your 12th house until 2023. That is a long time for a planet to be in any sector but because of it is slow moving, you don’t always feel or are aware of its influence. Here, Pluto transform you entire inner world and thoughts, slowly but surely overturning and overhauling the way you think, feel, and act. Your subconscious gets a permanent makeover with Pluto resting here.
This month you will have a few glimpses to see where you’re at in the experiences of that journey with the square to Jupiter in your 9th house of core values, faith, and learning, and an easy aspect to your 2nd house of finance. It’s possible that you will be working subconsciously on your relationship toward money, for example, or how you value and treat your partners.


This month you will resonate with things happening in areas that deal with your finances, your memories and subconscious activity, the way you communicate, as well as your relationship to siblings, your home, the family dynamic, and your children. Learning to enjoy your life and focus on your romantic life will also allow you to realize where you’re missing out on having fun in your life.


Neptune is in your 2nd house and you’ll begin the month with an opposition to the Moon in your 8th house. Balancing your budget will be important to you, and the tension may arise from an expense that you overlooked or that suddenly comes up. By month’s end, those tension will ease up with aspects giving you a helping hand.


Your true core values come from the way you feel about your life. When you can take financial care of yourself, realize what you are responsible for and not, set up a proper foundation and family dynamic, as well as maintaining a good physical health plan, and daily work routine, you feel better about where you are in your life.


The beginning, the middle, and the end of the month are played out in three different parts. The beginning of the month starts off with plenty of aspects highlighting tension coming from your house of romance, children, and enjoying your life. You might not feel as though you are truly able to enjoy your life to the fullest right now.
Then, the middle of the month brings tension from your core values and faith, as well as the house of material security, as well as a square that touches upon your subconscious state of mind and your growth through knowledge.
The end of the month will bring some ease in all of these areas, though you (and everyone else) will still be dealing with Jupiter’s tough rays. Luckily, Jupiter turns direct again this month.

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